Lots of countries have their own standard deck of cards. In a deck of cards
the suits represents the founding of the country, the face cards are who
governs the country and the low/high card their purpose (national pride).
The spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs are the French suites.
They originated around 6 to 7 hundred years ago.

America now has her own deck. The suits are Faith, Declaration,
Revolution and Unity, they tell the story of Americas founding. Our
founders were guided by faith, declared their independence, won a
revolution, united and formed our Republic.

The I card is like the ace you can use it low or high. The ace is the
empire, their purpose. Americas low/high is I and it represents her
Independence. So you make an Independence high straight not a
empire high straight.

The I thru ten cards represents the Bill of Rights. So the I card has the
First Amendment on it. The 2 cards have the Second Amendment on it
down to the Tenth Amendment.
The face cards aren’t royals, jacks, queens and kings are foreign, not
American. Who governs America? We the People. In our Republic we
have Gentlemen and Ladies our Patriots replace the kings, not
that they have power it’s that they have the respect and admiration of
the People. So the Gentlemen replace the jacks, the Ladies the queens
and the Patriots the kings and they have a soldiers cap not a crown.
The king and queen are the two jokers. Their suits are on their crown like
gems and we’re kicking them out of the country one more time.
There are four extra cards in the American deck. They’re wild cards for
children’s games. Under Faith it’s the Ten Commandments, under
Declaration it’s the Declaration of Independence, under Revolution it’s the
Bill of Rights and under Unity it’s the Constitution of these United States.
On the face cards, two jokers and four wild cards there is one clause on
each of these cards from Article 1  section 8 of the Constitution. These are
the limited powers of Congress, the only powers the States gave Congress
to provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States. ConstitutionCards.com The Official American Standard Playing Cards