About Us

My brother and I are Florida natives, born and raised in Southwest Miami. Growing up, our father instilled into us the exceptionality of our Republic. He taught us that the United States of America is the greatest country on this planet.

You see, our father is a Cuban exile. He came to this country in 1960. His mother sent him here to the U.S. when Fidel Castro took control of Cuba. My father has seen what communism / socialism will do to a country. He felt blessed to raise his family in a country that had rights handed down to them by God, and not man.

So our whole lives growing up, my father made sure we understood that we were Americans FIRST and FOREMOST. He told us that there is no other country on Earth that will grant us the opportunities to thrive and educate ourselves, like here in the United States.

He always made us realize how delicate the Country is, “we always have to keep watch on our elected officials”.

So now as a grown men with our own children we want to instill these same principles in them. Trying to teach children the U.S. Constitution is not an easy task. So one day we were talking about somehow making it fun to learn the Constitution. “A Game!” let’s make a game. So we thought about different games we could make. How about a playing card game? Right away we grabbed a deck of playing cards and took them out. We both looked at each other and pretty much had the same reaction, “Kings and Queens are not American!” So that was the spark and the beginning of our journey to make playing cards that represented our country and its people. Playing cards have been around for over 7 centuries, the one thing they all have in common are the Kings and Queens. Playing cards from different countries have different suits, you can see some of them on our pop up page when first coming to this site. For some reason America never adopted her own playing cards until now. It is now our lives journey to have America adopt these playing cards. Not only do these playing cards make up the founding of our country, they are also a tool to teach children and parents alike the Enumerated powers of congress and the Bill of Rights. We hope that whoever sees our playing cards will never look at other playing cards the same way. We ask you to join the REVOLUTION and remove the Kings and Queens from this country once again. We hope you like The Official American Standard Playing Cards and ask you for your support. Please “LIKE” us on Facebook.

Thank you

Robert Sanchez

Matthew Sanchez